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Exclusive Rights

TCM has one of the largest networks for in-stadia advertising in cricket with exclusive rights to numerous cricket stadia in India and abroad.

Enduring Partnerships

TCM’s association with Ultratech across years that has cemented their brand salience and helped them reach a market leadership position. Their brand name plastered across boundary ropes and perimeter boards during the Indian cricket team’s exploits has left behind highlight imagery that will be relayed for years to come.

Pioneer in Cricket Advertising

In the early 2000’s, TCM was responsible for introducing 3D logo mats in collaboration with Logo Paints for an in-stadia partnership with Pepsi

Outside India TCM holds the exclusive commercial rights and all ground advertising rights for cricket in West Indies and New Zealand. On-ground partnerships with cricket boards of South Africa, Bangladesh, England and Australia

In 2019, TCM won the Asian Cricket Council sponsorship rights bid to sell the Asia Cup tournament’s sponsorship for a second successive term till 2023

Since 1993, TCM has amassed almost 3 decades of experience in creating value for consumer brands and fans

  • UAE

  • South Africa

  • Australia

  • India

  • New Zealand

  • Bangladesh

  • England

  • North America

  • West Indies

In-stadia Assets

Led Perimeter Board

Visibility on TV and a captive audience across entire 360° of the ground. This format works most effectively on a multi-board combination in order to maximize the exposure.

Half balls in an T20 / ODI / Test Match.

Quarter balls in a T20 / ODI / Test Match.

Led Light Screens

Prominent ground level asset behind the wicketkeeper.

This is an effective way to guarantee quality exposure by exploiting televised events that feature the bowling run up during TV coverage.

Upper Tier

The traditional form of ‘static’ advertising panel is placed along the outer perimeter of the stadium structure through strategic placement to maximize exposure.

Boundry Rope

This asset along the entire perimeter of the playing area offers brands the vehicle to raise the profile and awareness to both a national and international audience.

in-stadia rights holders

Our engagement with BCCI and its state associations traverses the entire landscape of in-stadia advertising in India

  • Delhi & District Cricket Association
  • Himachal Prahesh Cricket Association
  • Jharkhand State Cricket Association
  • Karnataka State Cricket Association
  • Mumbai Cricket Association
  • Orissa Cricket Association
  • Assam Cricket Association
  • Cricket Association of Bengal
  • Hyderabad Cricket Association
  • Kerala Cricket Association
  • Karnataka Cricket Association
  • Maharastra Cricket Association
  • Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association
  • Punjab Cricket Association
  • Saurashtra Cricket Association
  • Tamil Nadu Cricket Association
  • Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association
  • Vidarbha Cricket Association
  • Asian Cricket Council
  • Cricket West indies
  • New Zealand Cricket

enduring client relationships